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Alateen Sponsor Wanted Mondays 8pm

There is a new Alateen Meeting that is being started on Monday Night , 8-9pm, at a school located at 3389 Fulton Rd, on Cleveland’s West Side.

There is an AA meeting that meets at the same time. This AA Group 5 years ago had a sizable Alateen Meeting that met there for several years but lost their long term Alateen Sponsor because she was unable to continue.

Parents have been bringing their kids recently because they want to get Alateen back and they really seethe need. Presently there is a 24 year old ex-Alateen Member with these kids but they would really like an Al-Anon Member, who is AMIAS certified to take over the group.

I am familiar with this group and the Sponsor who used to be there. This is an excellent opportunity for someone who wants to get involved in Alateen. If you have any interest at all, please get ahold of me.


Gary J, Alateen Cleveland



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